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What an adorable couple!  I’m so glad I had the honor of photographing this wedding, and I couldn’t be happier for these two.  We had lovely light and such a gorgeous location for photos, I could have photographed them all day!  The ceremony was beautiful as well, and you could really tell they were surrounded by friends and family who truly love and adore them.  Thanks again, Meredith and Jake, for inviting me to photograph your wedding.  It was truly and honor.  Congratulations once again!

Another year has rolled on by, and what a year it was!  I opened my little in-home studio and got to meet some adorable new babies, traveled to Duluth and California, saw two good friends marry wonderful husbands, I hung out with some fantastically funny families and cute quirky kids, and had the privilege of photographing so many wonderful, beautiful people.  I would like to thank each of you for your continued support – I wouldn’t be in business without you!  Here’s to an awesome 2013.  Happy New Year!

A collage of family portraits, newborn photos, head shots, wedding photos, and kids from 2012.

Well this was a fun day!  It seemed like it took forever to get here (their engagement session was forever ago), but it was definitely worth the wait.  The weather was unbelievably perfect–you can’t beat 69 degrees on November 10th in Minnesota–everything went smoothly, the Como Conservatory was beautiful as always (especially as the sun set), and everyone had a great time. One of the perks of being a photographer is that I get to spend all day with my friends on their wedding day.  I get to see it all unfold from start to finish, capturing the big moments and all the little moments in between.  I get to hang out with their wonderful families, and get to know their fantastic friends.  Even after 12 hours I didn’t want to go home!  Thanks again Renee and Matt for including me in your day, it was awesome!

A few weeks ago I was privileged to photograph the wedding of my fabulous friend Karin and her dashing groom Lewis.  Karin currently lives in DC, but is a California native.  Since her family still lives there, and sunny summer days are pretty much a guarantee, she decided to have her wedding back-home.  It was a picture-perfect, fantasically-fun day.  I had a great time hanging out with Karin, getting to know Lewis, and spending time with their delightful families.  And what a gorgeous venue!  Karin’s dad picked it out.  Does he have great taste/know how to spoil his only daughter, or what?  Congratulations Karin and Lewis, and thanks again for such a fun day!

A special thank-you to Marjorie Branco of Stellasweet Photography for your time, energy, talent, and contribution of many beautiful images!

Now this is something special.  It’s a modern love story complete with all the right ingredients: childhood sweethearts, years of separation, and a magical reunion all thinks to the powers of social networking.  Ray and Sonia first met in Junior High, but quickly lost touch when Ray moved with his family from Hong Kong to the US.  I met Ray a few years later, when he shared a High School math class with me and, thankfully, the answers to our take-home exams.  College came and went for all of us, and then along came Facebook.  Ray and Sonia were reunited and started up where they had left off.  Eventually Ray flew to Hong Kong, got permission to get into his old school yard, and proposed marriage to Sonia in the place where it all began.  When he asked me to come to CA to photograph his wedding, how could I resist capturing such a beautiful story?  Plus I probably owed him for helping pass pre-calc.  After a whirlwind tour of Napa Valley, UC-Davis, and  San Francisco, we met up with their close (and amazing) family and friends for a beautiful (60 degrees & sunny!) wedding on the beach.  Thanks again for a great time and best wishes!