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I finally got around to doing Adeline’s mid-year pictures in early May, when she was 8 months.  We had fun playing around in the studio, and the next day we took advantage of the warm weather and ventured outside.  Adeline had fun exploring grass and dandelions!  She’s still the cutest baby ever!
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This blog has been quiet for a LONG time.  Apparently having a baby takes up a lot of time!  Adeline is 9 months old now, and I’m FINALLY ready to post her newborn photos.  I thought having my own baby would be like having my own little model to photograph in new and interesting ways anytime I wanted.  Well…not so much.  Photographing your own baby is hard, and waking her during a precious nap, in order to photograph her sleeping, was not a risk I was eager to take very often.  In hindsight I wish I had taken the time to hire another professional so I didn’t have to worry about it!  But I’m glad I captured these, in addition to the tons of cell phone pictures I took everyday.  So here she is, the Cutest Baby Ever!

On this freezing fall day I thought it’d be nice to post some pictures that I took this summer of my sister Jill, and her fiance Joe. I’ve been meaning to get these up here for a while now, and don’t let the delay convince you that I’m not excited about these two.  In fact I couldn’t be more excited!  The morning Jill told me she was engaged, I said “tell Joe when he proposed to you, he proposed to the whole family.  And we all say Yes!”  We were all starting to get a little anxious, and had actually talked about proposing to Joe instead.  Bribing him with cheese curds on his next visit to Wisconsin was another possibility.  But fortunately for everyone, no intervention was necessary.  Jill met Joe through a mutual friend, not too long after she moved to New York. And I guess the rest is history.  I can’t wait for their May wedding in Brooklyn!  Congrats you two!

Are these three cute or what?  6 week-old Asher and his sweet, spunky, energetic, and very proud older brother and sister came by for a visit last week.  I had a great time hanging out with all of them, and it was fun to try something new in the studio.  It was also fun to get to use my new rug.

I think there’s something really, for lack of a better word, special about having a sibling.  My sisters and I have spent countless hours pointing out who has Mom’s nose, or Dad’s legs, whose hands are the biggest and whose wrists are the skinniest.  It’s fascinating, for us anyway.  Siblings are unique friends with whom you get to share an exclusive perspective and common history.  You know each other and your parents, your childhood home, pets, and experiences, and all that comes with growing up together in ways no one else can understand.  It’s something I truly value and appreciate in my life, and I’m excited for all that lies ahead for these guys and all the other young siblings I know.

Thanks again, Emily, for stopping by and letting me capture some photos of your three adorable kidos!

Oh, and speaking of siblings…stay tuned for some engagement pictures of each of my sisters and their fiancés, coming soon!

I’m really happy for my friend, Nick.  Actually, he’s been a friend of my family so long he’s become more of an honorary uncle.  He and my dad have played music together for many, many years.  I used to ride my Big Wheel with my sister through our unfinished basement while the band rehearsed.  Eventually the band broke up and everyone pursued other interests, musical or otherwise.  A couple years ago my dad and Nick found themselves unemployed, and decided to pass some of their time playing music together again.  They formed a guitar duo called the V-Tones, playing upbeat classic rock favorites, relying on the audience to provide percussion accompaniment.  If you live in the Milwaukee area and always had dreams of being a tambourine girl, or love to play the guiro to a little Paul Simon, you should check these guys out.

Anyway, Nick and my dad have since found employment again and last New Year’s Eve Nick married his long-time girlfriend, Bridget!  They sold their individual houses (finally) and just moved into the house they built together.  While still under construction, the house served as the site of their wedding ceremony.  What a great symbol of a new beginning and the joining of two families under one roof.  Both Nick and Bridget have a son in college.  During my last visit home to WI, Bridget’s son Jimmy joined us for some family pictures at the new house, and later that evening we put on some crazy outfits and watched the band play a Halloween gig at a local martini bar. It was a great visit home!  Thanks Nick, Bridget and Jimmy, it was great to see you!