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This is 8-day-old Bennett.  He’s sweet, adorable, and his parents are completely in love with him! It’s always such an honor to get to meet and photograph such a new little baby, and I love seeing so much pride and joy on the faces of parents as well.  I get to take Bennett’s mid-year photos too, so I can’t wait to see how much he changes in a few months!

St Paul Newborn Photography 4St Paul Newborn Photography 3St Paul Newborn Photographer-12St Paul Newborn Photography 2

St Paul Newborn Photography 7St Paul Newborn Photography 5
St Paul Newborn Photography 8St Paul Newborn Photography 6St Paul Newborn Photography 9
St Paul Newborn PhotographySt Paul Newborn Photography 11

I recently rearranged my tiny studio to allow for some very simple, indoor family portraits.  One-month-old Amon, his two-year-old brother Will and their parents got to be the first to try it out.  It was a cloudy, December morning, but there was still plenty of natural light coming in through the big window.  Will loves firetrucks, so I’m glad I had one on hand for him to play with, (and keep him still just long enough for some quick photos)!

Twin Cities Family Photography - 10Twin Cities Family Photography - 15Twin Cities Family Photography - 11Twin Cities Family Photography - 13Twin Cities Family Photography - 14Twin Cities Family Photography - 12Twin Cities Family Photography - 09Twin Cities Family Photography - 08

I finally got around to doing Adeline’s mid-year pictures in early May, when she was 8 months.  We had fun playing around in the studio, and the next day we took advantage of the warm weather and ventured outside.  Adeline had fun exploring grass and dandelions!  She’s still the cutest baby ever!
St Paul Baby Photographer - 02St Paul Baby Photographer - 09St Paul Baby Photographer - 01St Paul Baby Photographer - 08St Paul Baby Photographer - 05St Paul Baby Photographer - 06St Paul Baby Photographer - 03St Paul Baby Photographer - 07St Paul Baby Photographer - 04

This blog has been quiet for a LONG time.  Apparently having a baby takes up a lot of time!  Adeline is 9 months old now, and I’m FINALLY ready to post her newborn photos.  I thought having my own baby would be like having my own little model to photograph in new and interesting ways anytime I wanted.  Well…not so much.  Photographing your own baby is hard, and waking her during a precious nap, in order to photograph her sleeping, was not a risk I was eager to take very often.  In hindsight I wish I had taken the time to hire another professional so I didn’t have to worry about it!  But I’m glad I captured these, in addition to the tons of cell phone pictures I took everyday.  So here she is, the Cutest Baby Ever!

Is this little guy cute or what?  I had the pleasure of meeting him and his super-nice parents on a lovely, warm summer morning a few weeks ago.  We walked to the park (that’s only a couple blocks from my home-studio) for some family shots, and then it was Connor’s turn to show off his smiles and tricks for some studio shots.  Not only is Connor adorable, he’s easy-going too, so we got to try lots of different fabrics and backgrounds.  Thanks again, Connor & parents for a fun morning.  It was great meeting you!