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I had a great time photographing my friends, the Horsmans, on this lovely fall day.  They are each the perfect mix of sweetness and spunk, and the girls are so great with their little brother.  Cute kids, fall leaves, golden sunlight…what could be better?
Twin Cities Family Photography - 17Twin Cities Family Photography - 21Twin Cities Family Photography - 19Twin Cities Family Photography - 18Twin Cities Family Photography - 20Twin Cities Family Photography - 16

I recently rearranged my tiny studio to allow for some very simple, indoor family portraits.  One-month-old Amon, his two-year-old brother Will and their parents got to be the first to try it out.  It was a cloudy, December morning, but there was still plenty of natural light coming in through the big window.  Will loves firetrucks, so I’m glad I had one on hand for him to play with, (and keep him still just long enough for some quick photos)!

Twin Cities Family Photography - 10Twin Cities Family Photography - 15Twin Cities Family Photography - 11Twin Cities Family Photography - 13Twin Cities Family Photography - 14Twin Cities Family Photography - 12Twin Cities Family Photography - 09Twin Cities Family Photography - 08

Here’s another blast from the “past” – last year’s shoot with one of my favorite families, the Toelkes.  I first photographed them back in 2010, and I was excited to see how much the boys had changed since then.  As you can see, they are still as adorable as ever.  They are also a ton of fun – silly, rambunctious, and dirty the minute we stepped outside.  You can tell these brothers really enjoy each other, you know, most of the time!

St Paul Family Photographer-16St Paul Family Photographer-22St Paul Family Photographer-15St Paul Family Photographer-21St Paul Family Photographer-17St Paul Family Photographer-20St Paul Family Photographer-14St Paul Family Photographer-19St Paul Family Photographer-11St Paul Family Photographer-18St Paul Family Photographer-13St Paul Family Photographer-12

Because many of the family photos I take in the fall are to be featured on Christmas cards, I don’t like to spoil any surprise by posting them here on the blog too soon.  But I figure now that it’s nearly Easter I’m safe in doing so!  Here we have my husband’s brother’s lovely family.  We met at Roseville Central park on one of the last fall days when survival without a coat was possible.  It seems so long ago now!

Are these three cute or what?  6 week-old Asher and his sweet, spunky, energetic, and very proud older brother and sister came by for a visit last week.  I had a great time hanging out with all of them, and it was fun to try something new in the studio.  It was also fun to get to use my new rug.

I think there’s something really, for lack of a better word, special about having a sibling.  My sisters and I have spent countless hours pointing out who has Mom’s nose, or Dad’s legs, whose hands are the biggest and whose wrists are the skinniest.  It’s fascinating, for us anyway.  Siblings are unique friends with whom you get to share an exclusive perspective and common history.  You know each other and your parents, your childhood home, pets, and experiences, and all that comes with growing up together in ways no one else can understand.  It’s something I truly value and appreciate in my life, and I’m excited for all that lies ahead for these guys and all the other young siblings I know.

Thanks again, Emily, for stopping by and letting me capture some photos of your three adorable kidos!

Oh, and speaking of siblings…stay tuned for some engagement pictures of each of my sisters and their fiancés, coming soon!